As the new year approaches, we have provided some key information below:

Uniform Information Sept 2017

We look forward to seeing students again during August when GCSE, AS and A Level results are published (dates below).

In keeping with previous years, the first day of the new term, Wednesday 6th September, is for new Year 7 and the sixth form only.  The whole school will return on Thursday 7th September.

Summer Dates 2017

Open Evening 2017

School Closure and Severe Weather Information

Information for School Closure due to Severe Weather or other Unforeseen Difficulty

In the event of school closure, an announcement will be made via Parentmail, on the school’s website, on Suffolk County Council’s website and on local radio stations.

Any decision to close the school is based on the following factors:

  • Safety of the school site
  • Transport arrangements
  • Ability to staff the school adequately
  • Weather forecast for the day

Parents are reminded that if a school bus fails to arrive, students should wait 30 minutes and then return home. If this occurs we would be grateful if the school could be contacted.

Website and Radio Station Details

Suffolk County Council

BBC Radio Suffolk              95.5, 95.9, 103.9 or 104.6 FM