Headteacher’s Blog: 22nd May 2017

Literacy is one of the most important skills students need to develop in life. Beyond subject lessons, we have cross-curricular literacy initiatives (including word of the week) and, last term, Mrs Parsons started the Stowupland Debating Society.

The group presently comprises mainly Year 10 and Year 11 students and debates follow the Cambridge Union structure with debaters working in teams to present their arguments.  Meeting in A05 each Friday lunchtime, students have engaged in several heated, but purposeful exchanges and the topics have included:  Should crime dramas be aired on T.V?  Are feminist ideas pro-equality? and Who are the greatest superheroes?    As Year 11 students will be fully occupied with exams for the remainder of the term, the Society is keen to recruit enthusiastic Year 9s, so if you are interested, please see Mrs Parsons!

Year 9 students have all received letters regarding their option choices for next academic year.  Blocks are being finalised and timetabling for 2017/18 is well underway.  If you have any queries or questions about options, these can sent to: upperschool@stowuplandhighschool.co.uk  for the attention of Miss Neal.

At some point, we do hope to be enjoying some summer weather and thoughts are turning to Activity Days which will take place on 19th and 20th July.  Progress Leaders are drawing up programmes and Year 7 parents/carers have already been consulted on a proposed trip to Colchester Zoo.  We also hope to be trying some new destinations and further details will be forthcoming.

Power to Perform

Power to Perform

Stowupland is working closely with the PiXL group of schools which is a national organisation that seeks to share good practice and develop resources for students.
To this end PiXL have developed a number of resources to support students going through exams called ‘Power to Perform’.  There is advice for parents on how to support your children through the exam period and advice for students on time management during the exam period.  They have also worked with a celebrity chef to develop recipes for meals that contain important nutrients for memory and the correct energy balance to enable students to keep focused in exams.   All of these resources can be downloaded here:

School Closure and Severe Weather Information

Information for School Closure due to Severe Weather or other Unforeseen Difficulty

In the event of school closure, an announcement will be made via Parentmail, on the school’s website, on Suffolk County Council’s website and on local radio stations.

Any decision to close the school is based on the following factors:

  • Safety of the school site
  • Transport arrangements
  • Ability to staff the school adequately
  • Weather forecast for the day

Parents are reminded that if a school bus fails to arrive, students should wait 30 minutes and then return home. If this occurs we would be grateful if the school could be contacted.

Website and Radio Station Details

Suffolk County Council     http://schoolclosures.suffolk.gov.uk

BBC Radio Suffolk              95.5, 95.9, 103.9 or 104.6 FM          www.bbc.co.uk/suffolk